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Caspian extends support to Jivabhumi Agri Tech


Jivabhumi connects Farmers & Consumers using technology, to address two key concerns of traceability and safety of food products



Jivabhumi is thankful to Caspian for selecting us for support under Agri Udaan 2.0. Jivabhumi believes in providing safe food to consumers, fair-price and market access to farmers while ensuring full-traceability of the food by leveraging technology. In order to achieve this, we work closely with farmer/farmer groups/producer organisation to capture the produce information, make it discoverable on our market access/aggregation platform called FoodPrint. We also leverage block-chain technology to ensure transparency and trust as the food traverses the chain from seed to the table, as any consumer can trace the entire journey of food by scanning the QR code printed on the food packet.


The support from Caspian will be utilised to list Jivabhumi products in e-commerce marketplaces (like Amazon, Flipkart, PaytmMall, CommunityFarm) to get access to more customers, as we believe our products have a good positioning of both value and price to appeal to affluent and middle-class customers in Tier-1,2 cities. The products are sold primary online, and we believe this channel has a lot of potential for growth. We will also be using the support to explore expansion in new cities - currently planning for launch in Hyderabad - towards market study and local farmer group connects.





We look forward to continued partnership between our two institutions as we work towards the common goal of modernising India’s Food & Agriculture sector, and helping directly connect Farmers and Consumers, to meet their shared interests.


Recognizing the good work done by Jivabhumi Agritech Pvt Ltd in developing a technology platform that connects farmers with buyers and seeing this as a potential breakthrough technology that can ensure traceability across the food value chain, Caspian awarded a grant to Jivabhumi as a part of Agri Udaan, Food and Agribusiness Accelerator 2.0, in which Caspian was the platinum partner.

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