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Protecting the Environment, the Proklean way

February 15, 2019

Various chemicals are used in processing industries like Textiles, Leather and Paper. Some of these are surfactants, akin to detergents, that help in washing the raw material at various steps during the process. They are largely manufactured by global chemical giants like Huntsman, Archroma and BASF. Disposal of surfactants, after use, poses a serious environmental risk. Alternate safer solutions like enzymes and bio surfactants are available, but have either not met industry expectations or are way more expensive.


Chennai based Proklean Technologies Pvt Ltd (Proklean) founded in 2012 by Dr. Sivaram Pillai, B Chandrasekar and Vishwadeep Kuila, uses its proprietary technology platform that uses probiotics to make 100% bio-degradable and non-toxic products that replace hazardous chemical surfactants, and at the same time help save up-to 20% water, up-to 15% time and energy and reduce pollution load by 30%. Proklean has developed products for the Leather, Textile and Paper processing industries. It also has products for Wastewater management and Home care detergents.




Although the value proposition offered by Proklean is self-evident and catchy, it took considerable time and effort to convince industries to use their product in place of chemical surfactants from MNCs. Once accepted, switching to ProKlean’s formulations has been easy for manufacturing industries, as it does not require changes to existing operation processes.


Proklean recently launched its products for the Paper and pulp industry and for Wastewater management. It will shortly launch its home care detergents. Proklean is also developing new products for bio remediation and other industry segments that use chemical surfactants, to keep up with competition and to de-risk business by building multiple product applications. Apart from big players like Raymond and Mafatlal, Proklean also has customers in Bangladesh. Proklean claims its technology has the capability to address global market of about USD 37 bn. 


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