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GPS Renewables - Tackling two big challenges of solid waste management and providing affordable & adequate energy in one go

March 25, 2019


India generates over 100,000 metric tonnes of solid waste daily. The infrastructure to handle this mammoth mountain of waste is both insufficient and inefficient. GPS Renewables identified in this problem, a huge opportunity, of converting waste into energy, and thereby providing affordable and clean energy, essential for improving quality of life. Bangalore-based GPS Renewables, a waste-to-energy technology company, through their BioUrja system processes kitchen and food wet waste to generate biogas.


The first BioUrja system was installed in March 2013 at The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Bangalore with a capacity of 750 kg per day.  Currently GPS has over 60+ installation in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and USA and is in the process of entering Sweden and Nepal. With capacities starting from 50 kg per day, GPS is a dedicated manufacturer for large scale and custom projects as well. GPS is currently in the installation phase of a 30,000 kg per day Biogas plant for Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and a 5000 kg per day Biogas plant for Guwahati Municipal Corporation. GPS has a retrofit biogas plant of capacity 20,000 kg per day for Chicken litter in Bangladesh which has been operational since 2016. GPS has also developed a proprietary model call DISPRED or DIStributed PREDigester, which is suitable for LPG/power consumption in a centralized location with decentralised waste treatment. Sumadhura Group is GPS’s first DISPRED client, with a 3000 kg per day main unit where gas produced is utilized as power and 4 Anaerobic composters spread within a 5 km radius which manages waste at the site of generation.




GPS renewables products are a replacement for LPG and electricity. Every cubic metre of bio-gas translates to 0.5 kg of LPG in terms of calorific value. Every tonne of wet waste processed using BioUrja technology replaces 70 kg of LPG in the kitchen, cutting down expense on LPG while simultaneously mitigating CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases emission of 130,000 Tonnes/year, apart from insulating from fluctuating prices of LPG and electricity. Bulk waste generators like educational institutions, mass kitchen NGOs, hospitals, IT parks, malls, Industrial facilities, hotels, residential societies and urban local bodies are the potential market of GPS.


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