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"Without Caspian’s initial capital Ujjivan would not be born. Over the years Caspian has supported with additional capital and provided invaluable direction as board member to steer Ujjivan to the pre-eminent position Ujjivan enjoys today. ”

Samit Ghosh, Promoter and Managing Director, Ujjivan

“Caspian has been invested in MHFC from the start, and apart from their unerring focus
on sustainable social impact, Caspian and its team, brought a clarity of thought and purpose to the micro mortgage business that we set out to build. We owe many thanks to Caspian, not just for the patience and faith of their Capital investment, but also for the advice, the eye for detail and deep understanding of how to build a business with the unserved and the underserved.”

Madhusudan Menon, Promoter of Micro Housing Finance Corporation

Janalakshmi’s journey to building our own social-business model of financial inclusion was filled with challenges. The vision for what we wanted to be crystallised in 2005-6; but translating this into an operational blueprint on the ground took way longer than any of us thought. We finally turned the corner in 2010, and the four interim years were brutal: everything that could go wrong, went wrong..”

It was at this time that
Caspian’s leadership as an impact investor became visible. They bailed us out with a mezzanine round of funding in 2009, to keep us afloat. This combination of funding and supportive valuation, keeping the long-term interest of the institution in mind, is a truly remarkable demonstration of the transformative power of genuine social venture capital: if anyone needs convincing to prove the importance of such social investors at the nascent stage of any social business, Janalakshmi is Exhibit A.”

Ramesh Ramanathan, Promoter, Janalakshmi Financial Services