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First domestic impact fund manager in India. USD 150 mn funds under management

Provided seed capital as well as growth capital to several of today's market leaders in financial inclusion

Funded path-breaking entrepreneurs who have re-defined the areas they work in.

5 Star Impact Rating from the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS)

Stable team with >100 years’ collective experience in the impact space.

Have branched out to new sectors at appropriate times, taking calculated risks. Clear strategic view of sectors in which we work.

Strong networks; have evaluated over 200 proposals in the past decade.

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What we do

Since 2005, we have invested debt and equity capital into high quality enterprises in India, with the intent to generate social and/or environmental impact alongside a competitive financial return. Our focus areas include financial inclusion, food & agriculture, affordable housing, healthcare and clean energy.

We have a successful track record of making investments and supporting some of the best known social impact enterprises. As one of the early entrants and leaders in the impact investing space in India, we are also one of the few fund managers with a proven exit track record. We are currently raising our fourth fund.

We look for companies with innovative business models and high quality entrepreneurs who demonstrate the intent to provide a healthy financial return along with a social return to investors and have adopted or are willing to adopt clear deliverables on social and/or environmental performance.